Paternity Testing FAQ: Do we need to have a doctor’s or attorney order before specimen collection procedure?
September 7, 2017
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What is the difference between a legal and peace of mind DNA test and how can DNA test help in child support / child custody cases?

A legal DNA test is when the test is administered and collected by a neutral and independent third party. This means that the person collecting the test has no interest in the outcome of the test and will not tamper with the specimen. Chain of custody must also be maintained in a legal DNA test. This means that the DNA specimen is accounted for during every step of the testing process. A legal DNA test is defensible in a court of law because the courts have a complete chain of custody. The person being tested must also be verified by the collector with a photo identification card or other legal document.

The documentation from the verification process makes the DNA test results legally defensible in a court of law. A non-legal or peace of mind DNA test works just like the legal DNA test but without the documentation. It is mainly for personal information, the identity of person being tested is not verified. The testing methods for both a legal and peace of mind DNA test are the same.

Therefore the accuracy of the results is exactly the same. However, a legal DNA test usually costs more than a peace of mind DNA test because of the documentation and verification of identity of the person or people being tested. The results from a peace of mind DNA test are not defensible in a court of law because there is no legal documentation and the identity of the tested party is not verified.

Maternity and paternity tests are often used in court to determine child support and custody in divorce cases. If a couple has a child and are not married the father’s name will not be on the birth certificate. If the father is not legally recognized as a parent of the child, he is under no obligation to pay child support .DNA testing is often always required when there are questions in the child’s parentage. Paternity test results can mean the difference between child support and no child support. It can also be the difference between granting and denying custody and visitation rights.

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