Suspect your spouse is cheating? Our DNA Infidelity Testing can help you find out.

Infidelity DNA Testing

Do you believe that your partner is currently being unfaithful? If you need absolute proof before making a decision that you will regret, Infidelity DNA Testing will help you find the truth that you seek.

The Infidelity DNA Test can distinguish a suspected stain or biological material (such as semen), the gender from the DNA found, and if there's a DNA match to your partner's sample. For instance, the test can determine the presence of a foreign DNA substance (male or female) on particular items such as linens, underpants, tissues, hair and different sorts of clothing .

There are three steps to finding out the truth of whether or not your partner is actually cheating or not. The first step is to provide us with a sample to test for semen or female DNA. The second step is to make sure the sample is viable and can be used for DNA comparison. The last step is to compare your DNA to the DNA found in the sample so that you know whether or not the sample belongs to you or someone else.

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