Fast DNA Testing from Advanced Medical Services

Fast DNA Testing is one of the leading analytical DNA Testing Labs specializing in tests for DNA analysis for forensic casework, convicted offender data basing, paternity, family reconstruction, ancestry, and research and development.

Our Mission We are committed to offering DNA test solutions at a fair price. We want to ensure that paternity DNA testing resources are available at an affordable cost to those who need them. We take the confusion and uncertainty out of your decision on choosing to establish paternity and which DNA test is right for you. Our site shows you what DNA tests are offered and explains the benefits of each DNA test option.

Our Philosophy Our main philosophy at Fast DNA Testing is “Highest Quality Built-In”. This means that every step of the process, from sample collection to results reporting, is critically designed, evaluated and monitored. This translates into the highest quality possible.

Our Service With over 3000 locations nationwide and results can be expected within 48 hours once received at our DNA Testing lab, we are truly committed to serving you! We are ever expanding our network, of trained professionals to provide you with the highest quality, DNA forensic services, without the need of travel.