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June 25, 2017
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Siblingship Test in USA

A Siblingship Test is conducted to determine whether the two individuals are full siblings, half siblings or not related at all. The test at Fast DNA Testing is done by taking the DNA samples of two individuals and compared to check if both the samples match. It is used to determine whether the individuals are true biological siblings and also it will indicate if the tested individuals have one common parent or two common parents.

It is not very uncommon when the siblings are in question. It becomes necessary to prove that the two or more individuals are true siblings. Siblingship Test at Fast DNA Testing is a very efficient and accurate way to determine the biological relationship between the two individuals in question. To get the conclusive result, it is always best to conduct the paternity tests but if the parents are not available then this test becomes the only option for getting an indication whether they are biologically connected or not.

Fast DNA Testing has over 10000 centres where the samples are sent and tested by the medical professionals. The DNA samples are collected from both the individuals and the genetic profiles are determined. If the profiles match, it indicates that both can be full siblings. The Siblingship test at Fast DNA Testing can be conducted on the children of any age and it is also possible to analyze if the two individuals share only one common parent (either mother or father) or two common parents (both mother and father).


Fast DNA Testing provides the option of Legal and Non- Legal Tests that can be chosen according to the requirements. Both the tests offer the same results and are conducted in an accurate manner. Legal tests are done in a licensed facility and the whole procedure is documented according to the legal standards. The result from the Legal test at Fast DNA Testing can be used as the legal proof in the Court of Law for any purpose. The Non- Legal tests are done privately and the testing procedure is not documented. The results from this test cannot be used for legal reasons or for any other purpose.

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