Non-Legal Grandparentage Test
September 23, 2015
Siblingship DNA Legal Test
Legal Siblingship Test
September 23, 2015
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Siblingship DNA Non Legal Test

Non Legal Siblingship Test


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A DNA test takes place to find out whether two offspring share one or both parents; it is termed as Siblingship test. It is not a direct way to decide family relations when the so-called father is unavailable for the paternity test.

  • Half Siblingship test:

A half Siblingship test is conducted when sibling 1 and 2 do not share the same mother and they need to discover whether they share the similar genetic father or not.

  • Full Siblingship test:

A full Siblingship test is conducted when Sibling 1 and 2 share the similar genetic mother but are doubtful whether they share the same genetic father or not.

Siblingship test conducted to determine if the two kids share one or both of their biological parents.

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