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Native American DNA Testing

Native American Testing Services

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As an industry pioneer, Fast DNA understands the benefits and importance of DNA testing for Native American tribes. It can be an important tool, if utilized as a part of a way that ensures the tribe’s best interests. Our objective is basically to make dna testing technology available, reasonably priced, and useful to the Native American group.

We give the best quality testing administration to our customers. We work day by day on these standards:

  • Give the most precise testing.
  • Give the speediest turnaround time.
  • Offer exceptional client administration.

We give an assortment of DNA testing choices to meet your tribe’s distinctive needs. A DNA test can give significant data about organic connections between living tribal individuals and candidates selecting for tribal enrollment. A few Native American tribes already utilize our testing to set up paternity, give supporting confirmation to enlistment or disenrollment and rejoin children with their natural relatives. These tests include:

Parentage Testing: figuring out whether a tribal part is the natural guardian of a child.

Family Relationship Testing: building up a likelihood of relatedness, for example, grandparentage and siblingship.

Y Chromosome and Mitochondrial DNA Testing: deciding relatedness through a fatherly or maternal line (individually)

Allele Analysis: preserving so as to plan for the future hereditary data

DNA tests are gathered by utilizing a cheek swab methodology. Fast DNA has national system of helpful specimen gathering locations to serve your tribes. We additionally offer consultation and complimentary preparing for the gathering of DNA tests, if your tribe picks this choice.


Fast DNA has earned the trust of our customers by conveying exceptional customer service and unmatched testing precision. Our testing is entirely confidential. Call today 1-888-340-4644 to speak with an individual from our Native American Support Team.  We will answer your questions and advise how DNA testing can have a positive effect in your group!


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