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Can a Legal DNA Test Be Used For Obtaining Benefits?

Today it is often a rather cumbersome set of legal hoops that a person has to jump though in order to obtain certain benefits. It is not unusual for DNA testing to be needed in order for a person to acquire some kinds of insurance. It is even common practice for some cases involving Social Security payments to have a proper DNA test run. In cases such as these it is absolutely vital that the right kind of DNA test is done.

legal dna testing

For instance, there are non legal DNA tests and these are the kinds of tests that would be done by someone at home. In many instances where the outcome is not needed in a courtroom environment non legal DNA tests are very common. While quite reliable, these non legal DNA tests are not going to be admissible in court. The reason for this is that there are a few protocols and oversights which the court is going to require from an AABB Certified testing facility.

For cases such as these it is going to be a legal DNA test that is needed. This will clear up any questions in matters such as (but not limited to) inheritance, adoption, unrecognized children, and many matters relating to Social Security payments (1). There are also medical reasons that may occur to where a proper and legal DNA test are vital. Thankfully, DNA and paternity testing is quite easy and pain free to do. Also, with a legal DNA test all parties involved will have the assurance that the results are both solid and reliable in every way.

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