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March 2, 2017
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Can DNA Paternity Testing Be Done Without the Father

DNA Paternity TestingOften times in DNA testing it occurs that the father or suspected father may not be available. This oftentimes is seen as a hurdle that may prevent the mother or other relevant parties from looking into proper testing. This can then lead to disputes that have lasting ramifications on the family in question. If these divisions become to deeply entrenched then what follows is often in-fighting, suspicion, accusations, assumptions, and in many instances legal proceedings.

However, what if the father did not need to be present? Is is possible to conduct a complete and highly accurate test without the father being there at all? The answer to this question is “yes”.

This practice is called “non Legal Paternity Testing ” (1) and is not at all uncommon. Tests completed in this way may not hold up in court since many states mandate that the father be present and know of the testing. This is more of a legal stumbling block and not so much a scientific one.

One way to accomplish this is to test the fathers parents. Other members of the fathers family can be tested as well, but the farther biologically removed from the father that the relative is, the less accurate that the test results shall be.

Other options are also available that are also very reliable. For instance, if the father is not present then grand-parentage (2) or avuncular (3) testing can also be done.

Autopsy’s can also be a way to ascertain the true birth parent in extreme and unfortunate cases where such data is the only way possible to complete the testing.

It should be taken, therefore, into account the reason for the fathers absence since the testing can be done without the fathers approval but the results may not be legally binding. If the father refuses to test he may face legal repercussions for such an action but as for the science…the father is not needed to prove paternity issues.


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