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Can Certain Foods Harm One’s DNA?

DNA damage

On March 11, 2011 a massive earthquake of horrific magnitude struck Japan. The quake laid waste to whole cites and what the quake did not destroy in many instances the resulting tidal wave did. While the travesty of housing destruction, tragic losses of life, and stories of economic woe were leading the news cycle it was an even deadlier threat that loomed over the lives of those in Japan and that threat was radiation. It is radiation that, once damaging the DNA, can never be reversed. Damaged DNA can lead to birth defects, cancers, heart disease issues, and much more. This radiological threat was a result of the meltdowns, melt through’s, and melt outs (1) that occurred at the ill placed Fukushima Diachi Nuclear Power Plant.

All of this begs the question, “If this radiation never dies, if it keeps damaging the body for all time, then is there any foods that can damage the DNA?”. The surprising answer to this is, “yes”. We know fully that there are whole areas of Japan, particularly areas that produce seafood and sake (rice wine), that are doing as little testing as is legally possible and that USA government does not always do the most stellar job of testing American food for radiation, either. (2). As a matter of fact, for the good of the bottom line, the US often increases the limit of allowable radiation to unsafe levels and then claims that they are safe (3)! Suffice to say, it is best to avoid most foods from at least the Eastern area of Japan and Fukushimam if not the nation as a whole. Remember, not one tuna caught in the Pacific Ocean has been shown to be free of Fukushima radiation (4) and despite what the government claims, many in the field such as Dr. Chris Busby have shown that there is no safe level of this kind of radiation.

It should also be mentioned that while the West Coast of the United States is being aggressively washed daily in Fukushima radiation – the nuclear disaster still has not been stopped and will not be for at least forty years – there are other places in the US that are also deserving of a second look in terms of food intake. For instance, the nuclear disaster at Three Mill Island in Pennsylvania managed to poison the area to such a degree that Dr. Helen Caldicott has warned against eating any chocolate, milk related products, or mushrooms from the area surrounding the whole of Three Mile Island and beyond(5).

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