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March 15, 2017
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Can Paternity Testing Be Done On Animals?

animal dna testing

Animals and pets are a huge part of many people lives. Most households have or have had a family dog or favorite cat that resides there. In many instances this beloved pet is considered one of the family in every way. Sometimes, be it for reasons of curiosity or business, the question arises concerning paternity testing on animals and if it can be done. The truth is that animal DNA testing is not uncommon at all.

The first group of people who come to mind when considering who would benefit from such testing is the average amateur animal lover or pet owner. This is even more the case if the sample being tested is from a deceased pet. It is not unusual for breeders of, say of Siamese cats, to want to test the cat(s) prior to mating to ensure genetic consistency within breeds.

Horse breeding is also a major area of interest for this kind of animal DNA testing. There are tens of thousands of dollars at stake during some breeding practices regarding horses and purity is often ensured using animal paternity testing. Horsehair samples or a mouth cheek swabbing can be done when horses are being tested.

Likewise, birds can also be tested. The base of bird feathers are rich in DNA as is any blood from the bird. DNA testing helps locate lost or stolen animals, so birds famous for needing tested for this very reason.

To test animals, usually 21 DNA markers are used from a reputable AABB Certified laboratory (1). This works to guarantee that all tests are accurate and up to the highest of standards. To find out more about DNA and paternity testing regarding animals and pets, please contact us at today. We look forward to hearing from you.



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